Pashupati Rice and Oil Mills Pvt. Ltd (PRM)
The company has been operational for the past four decades and is situated in rural Nepal at Lahan. It has a production capacity of 10,000 MT per annum.
PRM is one of the oldest rice mills still in operation, which is run by a team of trained workforce and veterans. The company has been regularly and smoothly belting out quality products in the domestic market. The company has also been associated with the World Health Program.

Nutri Foods Pvt. Ltd. (NFP)
Established in 2003 and equipped with modern equipments and efficient manpower, the Flour Mill produces over 100 tons of high quality flour per day. It is situated at Sonapur, Sunsari, and produces four different varieties of flour; namely wheat flour, fine flour, coarse wheat flour and husk (bran). Each product is first properly cleaned and processed in a modern plant before finishing and packing them in an airproof, durable and hygienic package. Nutri Foods through its brands Superman, Fortune and Anchor have been supplying premium quality products and is rapidly gaining popularity in Nepalese households.

LITO ( Fortified Blended Foods)
LITO, one of the nutrient food product which is very essential and useful for the growing children, is also manufactured by NFP.

Since ancient times, grains are known to be the staple and dependable source of nutrition for people. Sharda Group is in a venture to bring the best quality flour and rice to its consumers by picking and selecting only quality grains from across the nation.

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