From The Chairman's Desk

Since the group’s founding, we have made a sizeable number of breakthroughs, but the most outstanding being our well kept commitment towards the people of Nepal which has created an opportunity for all to lead better lives with our products & services.
We rank amongst the leading business groups of Nepal. From a humble beginning to a multi-million, multi-product conglomerate, we have come a long way. But we have never lost sight of the objectives, missions and visions set initially by us; we have always moved towards accomplishing them. Which is why, each step the group has taken has centered around Lord Buddha’s preaching of “bahujan hitay bahujan sukhay” the benefit, prosperity & development of maximum people, within and around us, thus the belief of not just growing but reaching out... With the concept of a global village becoming a reality and as our business expands beyond borders, I refer to this Sanskrit phrase of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ where we wish to make the world our family. The changing global socio-economical scenario is setting the course of businesses for the group. In this context, it is relevant to keep an eye on the emerging trends and stay competitive, to be able to provide innovative products and services. Everyone at Sharda Group is committed to make this transition to provide better products and services. And that’s a commitment we’ll keep,

"as performance is our passion."