Binayak Oxygen Industries Pvt. Ltd. (BOI)

The company with yearly manufacturing capacity of 50,000 Medical & Industrial O2 gas Cylinders and 15,000 Nitrogen Gas Cylinders, BOI Pvt. Ltd, was established on 1994 at Sonepur, Biratnagar. The medical O2 gas is 99.95% pure. It is supplied to various government hospitals, private hospitals and nursing homes. In addition, the produced nitrogen gas is regularly procured by numerous packaging industries; they are used as food preservatives.

Kantipur Oxygen (P) Ltd. (KOP)

The company was established at Hirisiddhi-4, Lalitpur in 2006, to cater to the increasing demand of oxygen for both Industrial and Medical purposes. The company supplies 99.95% pure oxygen gas of medical grade to government and private hospitals and other private industrial units. The company is bridging the gap between supply and demand and standing true to the commitment of the group.

    Major Clients
  • BPKIHS,Dharan

  • KMC, Kathmandu

  • Patan Hospital,Kathmandu

  • Life Care Hospital,Kathmandu

  • B&B Hospital,Kathmandu

  • Koshi Anchal Zonal Hospital, Biratnagar

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